Starry River of the Sky

Starry River of the Sky

The moon is missing from the remote Village of Clear Sky, but only a young boy named Rendi seems to notice! Rendi has run away from home and is now working as a chore boy at the village inn. He can't help but notice the village's peculiar inhabitants and their problems-where has the innkeeper's son gone? Why are Master Chao and Widow Yan always arguing? What is the crying sound Rendi keeps hearing? And how can crazy, old Mr. Shan not know if his pet is a toad or a rabbit?

But one day, a mysterious lady arrives at the Inn with the gift of storytelling, and slowly transforms the villagers and Rendi himself. As she tells more stories and the days pass in the Village of Clear Sky, Rendi begins to realize that perhaps it is his own story that holds the answers to all those questions.

Newbery Honor author Grace Lin brings readers another enthralling fantasy featuring her marvelous full-color illustrations. Starry River of the Sky is filled with Chinese folklore, fascinating characters, and exciting new adventures.

"Lin artfully wraps her hero's story in alternating layers of Chinese folklore, providing rich cultural context. Detailed, jewel-toned illustrations and spot art reminiscent of Chinese painting highlight key scenes and themes and serve as the focus of an overall exquisite design." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

  • Dumpling Days

    There was no day that dumplings couldn't make better.

    Pacy is back! This summer, Pacy's family is going to Taiwan for an entire month to visit family and prepare for their grandmother's 60th birthday celebration. Pacy's parents have signed her up for a Chinese painting class, and at first she's excited. This is a new way to explore her art talent! But everything about the trip is harder than she thought it would be.

    • A Newbery Honor Winner
    • A Booklist Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Book for Youth
    "Deftly weaving together historical anecdotes and simple line illustrations, Lin once again touches the heart of growing up in a multicultural family." —Kirkus Reviews
    "Girls who have read Lin's The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Rat will welcome another Pacy story." —Library Media Connection (starred review)
  • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

    In this Newbery Honor novel a young girl named Minli leaves her impoverished village and embarks on a magical journey to see the mythical Old Man of the Moon to ask him how she can bring her family prosperity.

    • A Newbery Honor Winner
    • A Booklist Top 10 Science Fiction/Fantasy Book for Youth
    "Children will embrace this accessible, timeless story about the evil of greed and the joy of gratitude." —Booklist (Starred Review)
    "Minli emerges a stalwart female role model who learns the important of family, friendship, and faith during her amazing journey." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)
    "The author's writing is elegant, and her full-color illustrations are stunning... compelling and thoroughly human." —School Library Journal (Starred Review)
  • Ling & Ting

    Ling and Ting are two adorable identical twins, and they stick together, whether they are making dumplings, getting their hair cut, or practicing magic tricks. But looks are deceiving—people can be very different, even if they look exactly the same.

    • A Geisel Honor Book
    "[Lin] shows her versatility once again in an original book that tells its story clearly while leaving room for thought and discussion." —Booklist (Starred Review)
    "Newbery Honor author Lin makes a stunning entrée into the world of early readers." —Kirkus (Starred Review)
    "Warmly illustrated with Lin's color-saturated art" —Horn Book (Starred Review)
  • The Year of the Dog

    When Pacy’s mom tells her that The Year of the Dog is a good year for friends, family, and “finding herself,” Pacy begins searching right away. As the year goes on, she struggles to find her talent, deals with disappointment, makes a new best friend, and discovers just why The Year of the Dog is a lucky one for her after all.

    • ALA Children's Notables list pick
    • Booklist Editor's Choice
    "Lin does a remarkable job capturing the soul and spirit of books like those of Hayward or Maud Hart Lovelace.” —Booklist (Starred Review)
    “For any reader who enjoys stories of friendship and family life.” —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)
    “Girls everywhere, but especially those in the Asian-American community, will find much to embrace here." —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
    “Entertaining and often illuminating.” —Horn Book (Starred Review)
  • The Year of the Rat

    In this sequel to The Year of the Dog, Pacy has another big year in store for her. The Year of the Dog was a very lucky year: she met her best friend Melody and discovered her true talents. However, the Year of the Rat brings big changes and Pacy must struggle to find the beauty in change.

    • A CCBC Fiction for Children Choice
    "Readers of this gentle, appealing sequel will appreciate the way the engaging protagonist discovers she can survive the changes a new year brings." —Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)
    "An endearing story that will touch readers." —Booklist (Starred Review)